MoYou Marketing


Contact: Asaf Nahum


MoYou is a revolutionary product in the nail art field, which combines fun and creativity in one.

Our operation covers the full life cycle of our products starting by designing our products, manufacturing them, and eventually marketing them around the globe.
We specialize in:
Design and manufacturing of quality beauty products for all ages.
Creation and operation of exiting points of sale and on-shelf displays to optimally present our product and maximize sales.

With MoYou, you can express your creativity by stamping unique designs on your nails in only three simple steps, and takes just a few seconds of your time. With MoYou, you can get saloon quality nail art without having to leave the house.

With MoYou, you can get the highest quality product for the best retail price. | MoYou Marketing | Shepherds Hill, London, Greater London
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